Foxes and wolves


Foxes are a type of dog. They like to hunt. These are their favourite foods.They catch rabbits, rodents, birds, frogs, earthworms and will eat carrion. If they need to they  dine on  berries and  fruits.


                   Wolves 🐺 

Wolves are a type of dog. Wolves like to hunt. Check out a wolf.  This is a wolf.

                             Wolves favourite foods

They like to eat deer,elk,bison,and moose.They also hunt smaller mammals such as beaver,rodents,and hares.


                                                     where wolves live 


  •  Canada
  • Labrador
  • British Coulumbia in the yukon and the Northwest Territories.



             The most rarest type of wolf in the world 🌍.


                       The rarest wolf in the world is the red wolf. This is a red wolf 🐺 

                                             The most rarest fox in the world


5 thoughts on “ Foxes and wolves

  1. Hi Hermione,
    I like the fox and wolves project they are really cute animals and I love them. I know that the rarest wolf is a red wolf there so rare and so cool.
    From Star

  2. Hi Hermione,

    I really liked your blog post on fox’s and wolves. I didn’t know that fox’s were a type of dog.

    From Raisa

    1. Hi Raisa
      I never knew that they were a dog until. I searched it up.

      From hermione 18

  3. Hi,
    I love your blog! Star also did a blog post about wolves and foxes, great minds think alike! Could you say where the red fox lives?
    Reader Girl

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