Did you know that beavers do not hibernate. Because they still need to chew wood. In winter it is hard for them to move.


Beavers use all sorts of materials from nature. Such as spider silk,cacoon silk or hard mud to keep their structure in place. Beavers can impact the environment. This is what inside a beaver lodge looks like.  Press the link to see a beaver building a dam.

Beaver building a dam

What happens when a beaver dam breaks

It is a difficult thing to remove a beaver dam. Sometimes other beavers can decide to take over the spot and build a new dam. A flood could happen downstream if you remove a beaver dam and let all the water go that was held by the dam.





               How many beavers can live in a lodge      


As many as 8-12 can live in a lodge for 10-15 years,as a family unit may live in a lodge.Although the average is  about 5.

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  1. Hi Hermione,
    I did not know that beavers don’t hibernate or that they use other stuff than just wood to build their dams.
    From Galaxy72

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