Persuasive writing

We should have a class pet in OJCS. The kids could have more responsibility in the class. It could cheer us up. We could take care of it. This is why we should have a class pet.

The kids could have more responsibility in the class. Kids who are not the rep won’t feel left out.  The more they have responsibility they will be better leaders. They will learn better if they learn responsibility. Responsibility is good to learn. 

 It could cheer us up. If you are in the red zone it could calm us down. If it is a rainy day you will be happy. Kids will want to come to school every day and they will go home happy. Class pets keep kids calm.

We could take care of it. We could feed the pet. We could clean its cage. We will make sure it has a vet. We will take good care of it.

These are the reasons we should have class pets in OJCS. Students will take more responsibility in the class. The students will be better leaders if they are good at being responsible.


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  1. Responsibility is very important, especially for children. I agree with the class pet but not completely because it might distract the students from the homework and not focus but other than that i agree.

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