Why I want to be a pirate.

        Hello everybody Hermione here  this is why the fictional me wants to be a pirate. Firstly I agree that becoming a pirate is cool because you get to go on amazing adventures out at sea. It also sounds so awesome to live at sea, because I love boats and the ocean air. The sea is a fascinating place, because you see sea creatures and intriguing islands. It sounds like as a pirate I will always be on a holiday. I would like to be on a holiday because I love to be on a warm and sunny beach watching the sunset. I would also love to be taught how to sword fight, because I think it would be a lovely addition to my Karate skills. 

    In conclusion, I would love to be a pirate. Being a pirate would mean that I would get to be at sea every day. I would enjoy being at sea because I would get to go on amazing adventures. Being a pirate is the perfect job for me.  Do you want to be a pirate? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments.

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