My bottle cap writing

Hello everyone Hermione 18 here, this is my bottle cap writing. I had to design my own bottle cap and I chose a box here is why you should buy it. Tell me in the comments if you would or wouldn’t buy it and why, also if you have any questions about it ask in the comments.

   “Oh no…I forgot ice for my coca cola!”

“I can help you … just use my box bottle topper 2.0” 

“What is that?!”

“It is an invention to make your life easier. Awesomely, it has some admirable uses such as it can make crazy cool drinks, it has terrific travel use and it has interchangeable settings!”

The current bottle top is absolutely BORING! I mean it has no use except just keeping your bottle from spilling! We deserve something funky, something crazy! I am sure this will SAVE YOUR LIFE… because there is nothing worse than a warm coca cola!


I am certain that box bottle topper 2.0 will cool your drink to the point it might freeze! Let me share a story. My grandmother absolutely adores cold drinks (seriously she won’t drink warm water, coke, sprite, ginger ale, etc…) but when my parents forget to put her drink in the fridge or make ice she has to bring her own cold beverage!! This rounds me up to my first reason icy cold drinks. Box bottle topper 2.0 delivers accessible ice, think about my story imagine if my grandmother had box bottle topper 2.0. This means not needing to get up!

The time has come to reveal the most thrilling thing of all..

The Box bottle topper 2.0 can not only keep things cold… it has interchangeable spectacular settings that will blow your mind! It can be warm on the inside and cold on the outside and vice versa! Imagine your food cold and your coffee warm! Skiers and skaters like to bring drinks to the arena or ski hill, if they leave their drinks on the lid it will stay warm ! 


Clearly you should buy box bottle topper 2.0. It can provide crazy cool drinks, it has terrific travel use and it has interchangeable settings.

public speaking reflection

Hi  there, it is Hermione here and today I will tell you my reflection on my experience in the  public speaking competition. First my topic was about how and why we should teach ojibwe at the ojcs. I enjoyed practicing my speech and found that easy because my friends gave me feedback and suggestions. I also enjoyed presenting in front of my class. I didn’t like needing to write five  paragraphs. Competing was also something I didn’t like because it put me under a lot of pressure.


 The most complicated parts were getting my ideas out, finding a topic, and handling my nerves. If I could, I would start thinking about my topic earlier so I have more time for writing and practicing . I forgot to tell you but did you know that I made it to the finals? It was nerve wrecking though I am happy my friends made it to the top three. Thank you for reading my blog. Please tell me your experience with a competition bye. 





Cookie excavation

Hi there Hermione here, today I am going to tell you how I was a geologist  in class.

 Here is a video explaining what a geologist does

How i BECAME a geologist:

Me and my class had to excavate chocolate chips out of cookies. We had to be careful to not break the cookie or the chocolate chips. trust me it was very messy.

Here are some photos:

Why I want to be a pirate.

        Hello everybody Hermione here  this is why the fictional me wants to be a pirate. Firstly I agree that becoming a pirate is cool because you get to go on amazing adventures out at sea. It also sounds so awesome to live at sea, because I love boats and the ocean air. The sea is a fascinating place, because you see sea creatures and intriguing islands. It sounds like as a pirate I will always be on a holiday. I would like to be on a holiday because I love to be on a warm and sunny beach watching the sunset. I would also love to be taught how to sword fight, because I think it would be a lovely addition to my Karate skills. 

    In conclusion, I would love to be a pirate. Being a pirate would mean that I would get to be at sea every day. I would enjoy being at sea because I would get to go on amazing adventures. Being a pirate is the perfect job for me.  Do you want to be a pirate? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments.

The speed of light (science)

Hi there Hermione,

Here I am going to tell you about my science experiment



How does light travel when it is being reflected?

Can I hit the bullseye target with my ray of light?

What would happen if I used multiple mirrors? 


  (what do I think will happen before my experiment and why do I think that?)


I think that light travels in a straight line.

Yes you can hit the bullseye target.

At this moment I Don’t know.

What materials have I used







Procedure – What did I do (Step by step):


  1. I gathered my materials
  2. I set up my card with the clay
  3. I set up my mirror
  4. I shone my flashlight into the mirror to see how and where the light bounced off



My mirror needed to be higher.

Then it finally worked.



My hypothesis was right.

The light hit the bullseye.

Now I know that it still hit the bullseye with  mirrors

My recount

Hi there Hermione here. My class just learnt how to make a recount.

What is a recount?

A recount is something that happened to you in the past .

A recount needs:

  • Chronological order
  • Past tense verbs
  • Use transition words like, First, Next, Finally

here is my  recount

       My vacation to Ripley’s Aquarium


When we were in Toronto visiting my cousins we went to Ripleys’ Aquarium. It took 4 hours to get to Toronto from Ottawa.

First when we entered Ripleys and my parents were scanning in, we went to see the fish. Me and my brothers spotted Dory and Nemo. I felt excited about seeing the Sharks. I am very interested in Sharks. Before we found the sharks, we looked at some fossils and sea animals. We saw lobsters, crabs, sideways fish and about 1 million other fish! The tank is really tall, it went from the ceiling to the ground. The tank is two of our classrooms high. There was one species of fish but there were a lot of them.

After that we went to see how we could get to the  sharks. We checked the map that was on my dads phone. Once we found out where the Sharks were we went downstairs onto a moving sidewalk which went through a tunnel that was like an underwater submarine! We went into bubbles that popped out of nowhere and you were surrounded by fish from floor to ceiling.

Finally, we saw sharks. The Sharks were very cool and my brothers really like sharks. It was my youngest brothers’ first time seeing a real shark and it was really cool. After we were done seeing the sharks we petted sting rays. I was a little scared at first but then when I saw the people who worked at Ripleys, I felt better. I was careful not to pet the stinger.

We also used are recounting skills for our visual story board  of The Wild Robot